Monday, September 27, 2010

Why I Don't Watch Movies

My latest assignment for class was to watch a movie. I honestly admitted I don't watch movies. I rarely watch TV. I actually watch one show a week: Modern Family. I used to watch Lost and if you followed that show, you know it's over. Too bad. I haven't rented a movie for 5 whole years! When we first moved into our house, we didn't have any hookup to cable so we rented movies and found we were so busy outside, we didn't watch them so we stopped renting and haven't looked back since.
I'd rather be outside than watching TV. My favorite pastime outside right nowis jogging on a quiet dirt road across the street from me. I only have to hook my dogs on a leash for about 500 yards, then they are free to run the whole time. This road actually saved me. I haven't been able to jog for more than 2 miles in the last year due to a knee injury. My doctor told me I could try three things before further treatment: run on the opposite side of the road due to crowned roads, jog on a dirt road or don't jog at all. I tried running on the other side of the road, but it didn't seem to make a difference. I drove 7 miles down the road to get to a dirt road and found that with my 45 minute commute, that wasn't going to work. So, I biked. A lot. Then last winter, a logging company came in and created this awesome dirt road. We spent many sleepless nights while they worked all night long cutting trees across the road. Little did we know at the time the sleepless nights would give us a new road to enjoy. We got permission from the owners and now we can jog with the dogs, snowshoe and four-wheel for miles. I'm still biking, but right now I'm enjoying coming home from work and taking these dogs for a walk down the dirt road.
I'm already looking forward to my jog tomorrow, hopefully it's not raining!

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  1. Lost was my favorite show! Did you like how it ended? I found it satisfying!! Modern Family is a great show. It is nice to finally have a creative and funny sitcom again.