Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Before and After Salsa

I had an abundance of tomatoes this year and I didn't need to can any stewed tomatoes, so I decided to make some delicious salsa.
  • First I dipped the tomatoes in hot water to get the skins loose and removed all the skins.
  • Then I cut up all the veggies: I added onions, red peppers, green peppers and hot peppers.
  • The onions get me every single time. After the tears were wiped away, I dumped everything into the big pot and added some pepper.
  • The salsa simmered for a few hours and the whole house smelled incredible!
  • When the salsa was ready, I processed the jars on my barbecue grill stove because my house stove can't handle such a large canner.
I totally forgot to take an after picture of all the pretty jars of salsa and now that they are stored down in the basement, I don't think I'll bring them back up for a photo. Rest assured, when it's cold and windy and snowing out this winter, I'll be pulling out a jar of this heat and loving every single bite.

1 comment:

  1. That salsa looks yummy! Although I don't grow tomatoes, I really missed my garden this summer. It's usually almost all cucumbers, unless I let my husband have a few rows for beans or peppers. But usually I have pickles quarts and quarts of sour pickles by now. We decided not to have a garden because our street was being overrun by groundhogs...
    I really like how you've added to your blog!!