Books I LOVE

This is where I'll post books I will be reading over and over again to my students.  I love books and I find value in rereading quality children's literature.  My first book on the list for this year is City Dog, Country Frog by Mo Willems.  This is a book written by Mo Willems and illustrated by Jon J. Muth. Unlike most of his playful works, such as the Elephant books and Knuffle Bunny, this book is a bit more serious.  It's about an unlikely friendship between a dog and a frog.  They love to be together. They play frog games in the spring and dog games in the summer. In the fall, the frog is too tired to play so they enjoy each other in different ways.  And in the winter, the dog is left alone when the frog is nowhere to be found.  This heartwarming book reminds us to cherish the special times with great friends.  I know I will be reading this many times and using it for writing lessons. I will keep you posted how I use it.  Until then...go get this book and read it (more than once)!