Thursday, June 23, 2011

Geocaching: Adventures and Misadventures!

I'll be posting a bit about our geocaching days. I have lots of great photos that I've been meaning to post and there's never enough time in the day. Before I begin posting, I wanted to let everyone know what geocaching is. Many of you probably have been geocaching longer than I have, but for some, this is a brand new word. Listen to the podcast I created for an online course I took last semester to learn more about geocaching. Maybe you'll even get inspired to get involved!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

VACATION in the summertime!

I'm a little rusty in the blogging department, but now that I have a little more time, I am going to give it another shot! If you read my blog, please leave me a comment so I know someone is reading it.
Today is the official beginning of summer vacation for me. How did I celebrate? With a 24 mile bike ride of course! My legs were fried from biking all those hills to Glenburn yesterday and lifting tons of stuff at school today, but it actually felt good to loosen them up and feel the breeze in my face. It was a time to think about my plans for the summer and decide what to tackle first. I already created a bucket list; I just needed to prioritize it in my mind.
By the end of the ride, I knew what I'd be doing for the rest of the week. Tomorrow will be demolition day in the bathroom. I'm going to take the vanity and medicine cabinets apart and paint them the same brown as I painted the trim. Then I'll be tearing the laminate flooring (I do not like laminate flooring!) and getting the floor ready to tile. I bought the tile last summer and it's sat in the basement all winter just waiting. I can't wait to see how that chocolate brown tile looks on the bathroom floor. I'm not sure where we'll go to the bathroom and we might be "bathing" in the pool for a few days but I can't wait to tackle the tile job.