Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monday Warm Up

I'm a little behind on my "homework" for Teachers Write as I've been teaching writing at the University to a group of voracious 3rd and 4th grade writers.  Today I chose a prompt from Jo Knowles Monday morning warm-up board. My plan is to freewrite, a poem is speaking to me and I'll come back to it in a week or so and see what I want to do with it.

Come Away With Me

come away with me
down the long dirt road
cicadas humming in the heat of the day
dew covered branches rain on your shoulders
as you crawl under them

come away with me
the rhythm of your breathing
the beat of your feet landing in the dirt
create their own music
no ipod needed

come away with me
break through the spiderwebs
that drape from one side of the road to the other
get lost in your thoughts
run, run, run faster

come away with me
down the long dirt road

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