Sunday, November 21, 2010


I had great intentions to blog while I was in Florida at the NWP, however, I wasn't able to fit my laptop into my carry on luggage and ended up leaving it behind. In the end, that turned out to be a good decision as we had no wireless connection at the Disney resort nor the conference sites. Imagine that-motel 6 offers free wifi and a high end Disney Resort doesn't?!
We arrived on schedule after 8:00pm, then were shuttled to our resort. My traveling buddy, Bailey, and I were starving! After we checked in (by the way, for some strange reason, we were upgraded to the concierges' floor, which came with its own lounge and free food all day long!) and got to our room, it was almost 10:30. We walked around the resort and found a little ice-cream shop that also had some delicious veggie wraps. At that late hour, we decided to share one.
Around 1:00am, we finally got into bed for the night. At 2:20am, the fire alarm sounded and we all had to evacuate down 5 flights of stairs. We all sat outside for over a half hour waiting to be let back in. We never did find out what the alarm was about, but it sure did disturb our sleep!

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