Thursday, October 7, 2010

Funny Things My Students Say

Lining up to go home, a student in line passed gas. I thought it was ignored. The student in front just had to tell me something before we headed down for dismissal:
"Ms. O., we have a little tradition at our house."
Me: "Oh yeah? I love traditions!"
Student: "Well, whenever anyone farts..."
Me interrupting: "Let's call it 'toot'."
Student: "What's that?"
Me: "Well, growing up, my girls thought the other word was a swear word, so we called it a 'toot'."
Student: "Well anyway, whenever anyone farts at my house, we all yell, "Go, Boston!" I don't know why-I think we saw it on a movie or something."
Me: "Interesting, you know what we do in my family when that happens?"
Student: "What?"
Me: "We ignore it or we say, 'Excuse me.'"
Student: "Huh...." (With a quizzical look on his face!)

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  1. Kim, I enjoy reading the funny things your students say. I'm sorry I haven't posted a comment on here in a while and when you posted to me, it reminded me to come back and check you out. You blog looks so professional. It's well designed.

    I also want to comment on the salsa. Many tomato based recipes call for removing the skins from the tomatoes. I have to admit that when I'm making salsa, I don't do that. Is this a bad thing? I haven't found it to be a problem thus far, but would the salsa be better without the skins? I even do this when canning. Lately, I haven't been cooking the salsa in the pot either, just canning and processing it in the canning boiler.

    Finally, yes the cats were a hefty vet bill. We got them free from a student. That was a mistake. You can get a neutered kitten with all of it's shots from the Humane Society for as low as $25.00, while we paid around $700.00 all told. I also am the only one who even considers there is a litter box in the house. So much for letting Donavon and Dan talk me into animals. I think the rats are gone though.

    Keep up the good work here.