Monday, August 30, 2010

Naming the Blog

I've been considering a personal blog for quite some time. Last summer I created a Bucket Blog. I blogged about all the things I wanted to do last summer. I got the list up, posted some inspring pictures, and never posted again. I have several school blogs I have created. One was quite successful as my students' parents got to follow the adventures of our giant runaway gingerbread baby cookie. This one is for me. A place to write about me, my simple adventures, my family, the food I love and eat, my exercising habits, and maybe a story or two about my teaching life.
I love my front porch. It was one of the things I said we'd have to build if we bought this house. Mark was willing to let me have anything I wanted because he knew how much I didn't want to leave my old house. So, we had a large mudroom built, with a front porch. And to complete this front porch, I bought two Walpole Rockers. The wood for these rockers is manufactured right down the road from me in Chester, the home to our very own Miss Maine, Arikka Knights, one of my daughter's great friends.
Our front porch is a gathering place. It's a listening place. It's a watching place. And now, until the colder weather sets in, it's a place where blogs blossom.


  1. I'm envious of your porch. As a kid, my parents had a huge wrap-around porch, half open and half covered. A favorite memory (especially with last night Earl) is of standing on the covered porch and watching (and hearing) sheets of rain roll off that porch. Umm, thanks.

  2. I would love a porch! Maybe some day! Great job Kim on the front of your blog. Love the big picture of you and your dogs :).

  3. Kim,

    I love the design and layout of your blog. It is quite inviting and your writing is thoughtful and pulls me in. I cannot even figure out how you got that giant photo of yourself up top. I do want you to know that I will be continuing to check out your blog.

  4. The big picture-I didn't mean to! I couldn't figure out how to make it smaller-so there it is.