Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Fun!!

I had a writing kind of vacation. I spent almost everysingleminuteofeverysingleday w r i t i n g. But..I did make sure to get out and enjoy the fresh air every day, too. I haven't logged all my exercise yet, but I did snowshoe every day. I had a snowshoe party and we had 10 people here on my trails.

The turkeys visited every day and they have figured out how to fly up on top of the bird feeder and eat from the feeder. That's not what I had in mind when I filled the feeder up! And on Wednesday, I went for a fabulous 15-mile dog sled ride. Wahoo!! It was fun and peaceful and I want to do it every day.

I think finding stuff you like to do in the winter makes the winter a lot easier to live with. I have seen many facebook posts of people so ready for spring. I'm fine with all this snow. I just bundle up accordingly and head out into the woods. Try'll be surprised how quickly spring comes once you find something you enjoy doing in the snow!

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